A new era for Flagship Consulting as we join the Selbey Anderson Group

In July we announced the new ownership of Flagship Consulting – we have joined the portfolio of creative and communications agencies owned by Selbey Anderson.  This presents an exciting future for Flagship, and we are delighted Simon Quarendon, Chief Operating Officer, has shared some of his thoughts with us:
“We are delighted to welcome Flagship Consulting into the Selbey Anderson Group. Well, we would say that wouldn’t we? After all, Flagship is a great company with a long track record of advising blue chip clients and employing great staff.
Like the three acquisitions we’ve made before this one – as well as the others we’re intending to make in the future – it was based on a financial transaction that valued the company’s assets and liabilities using recognisable financial measures. But what the accountants can’t put a price on is the value of the deal to two of the most important stakeholders involved, Flagship’s clients and staff.
So let me give you my estimate on that.
Flagship’s clients will undoubtedly benefit from having access to a wider range of services than they do currently. We’re big fans of boutique specialist agencies (that’s why we’re buying them and building a network made up exclusively of them), but we recognise the downside of boutiques only having a limited range of services to offer their clients, who may then have to employ multiple agencies; something we know procurement departments take a dim view of.
By joining a network of like-minded, boutique specialist agencies, Flagship’s clients can now access a wider range of services including a wide spectrum of digital services as well to the fastest growing area in B2B marketing; account-based marketing (ABM).
Flagship’s clients will also benefit from the huge range of skills and talents that exist across the group, and which can be made available to them in more innovative ways, such as being able to choose bespoke teams comprised of staff with core specialist skills from across the group, sometimes at short notice or on a short term basis. These teams could comprise digital experts, content providers, project managers or even linguists.  (Thanks to Flagship we now have staff who can speak over ten languages including Russian and Hindi)
For one of Selbey Anderson’s clients, we have already arranged a ‘Star Chamber’; a private meeting held between them and all the agency heads where they can talk openly about the issues they face. By tapping into this senior ‘brains trust’ they are accessing decades of directly relevant experience.  (If this sounds of interest to you, please contact Flagship MD, Mark Pinnes).
With Flagship joining us, Selbey Anderson now employs 55 staff. Each additional member of staff brings not just their skills and enthusiasm but helps create a more diverse workforce. A more diverse workforce better reflects the multi-cultural society we live in and the broad set of values, beliefs and attitudes that our clients’ messaging now needs to reflect if their audiences are to build meaningful relationships with their brands.
All of Flagship’s staff will be encouraged to develop that most precious of attributes; their creativity. We believe that the most exciting creativity comes from smaller agencies and by harnessing that collective creativity it could become over time one of the group’s most valuable assets. That creativity should then emerge as award-winning work delivered to our clients.
We hope that Flagship’s staff will benefit from this deal in other ways too. Being part of a wider community that shares their zest for life, a greater number of peers against which they can compare themselves (and yes, compete), the opportunity to work on multi-disciplinary projects, the chance to contribute their ideas and being able to participate in group-wide events, both at a professional and social level.
Perhaps not surprisingly, the first group-wide event we’re holding to celebrate Flagship joining us will be a pub quiz night in early September. As Flagship’s strapline is “a communications consultancy driven by intelligence and inspiration” they must be in with a chance of winning!”