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20th April 2011 by Jackie Murphy

BBC News recently did a story about how differently people watch TV today compared to the past when families gathered around the box to reverentially watch the programmes.  The journalist observed that the younger generation watches social TV – a mix between TV and social networking where people have another screen where they can use Facebook, or Twitter.

Well I have observed this with my teenage children for a number of years, this ability to watch something and also search / input their status or send a BBM at the same time. So I thought I would try and do the same this weekend, not necessarily in front of the TV but in a mobile sense.

First up was a visit to the RHS gardens at Wisley with two girlfriends, well that was fine as I had time to get them to stop whilst I took photos, posted them onto Facebook and twittered my thoughts about the garden.

Second stop was watching my husband play hockey in a cup final; I have to say I am most impressed with the camera on my Blackberry Torch which has a sports mode and took some great photos that I again posted on Facebook and twittered. But it meant I actually missed some of the goals as I was so busy trying to take photos and post status updates.

That evening we watched the last in the Dragoon Tatoo series ‘The Girl who kicked the Hornet’s Nest’ (very good by the way, if you have read the book) and I tried this social TV lark. The only problem was I kept missing the subtitles whilst I was on Facebook etc (we had decided to watch it in Swedish), so I am sure I missed some really salient points about Swedish subterfuge!

And my last exercise in ‘watching and being on social networks’ at the same time was at the rugby on Sunday afternoon – London Wasps v Leeds, if you are interested! And when I missed the fifth try because I was swapping comments with @Waspsrugby I decided that this tweeting and doing Facebook status updates while trying to watch a game was no good. Wasps have scored so few tries this year that I really should have watched properly and witnessed all these rare tries (7 in the game).  I think I will leave the younger generation to do three things at once!!

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