8 Simple Ways To Promote Your Content To More People

21st January 2014 by Flagship Consulting

Are you making the most of your content?

First off let me say – you are probably selling your hard-grafted content short.

There are many excellent, interesting articles and blogs written every day, however most of the time these end up being read by far too few people. If you spend your time writing content but only share a blog post once or twice you won’t end up driving enough traffic to your content before racing off to write the next post.

In fact, each piece of content created should warrant its own mini launch campaign and you should think about how you are going to promote your blog post before you start planning the next.

Of course, I’m not suggesting that you should bombard all of your connections with a deluge of self-promotion every single day. No one likes a spammer remember, so here are eight ways you can add value to your work by promoting blog posts effectively in social media.

1. Create shareable content

Of course you should always be creating great content that deserves to be shared. However, if you are stuck for ideas here are a few ways to develop content that is designed to be shared.

  • Feature another blogger
  • Interview 5 experts in your niche
  • Feature the top 100 people in your industry
  • Write a controversial post
  • Create content that solves a problem
  • Create a resource or a how-to guide

Each of these types of post encourages sharing either by starting a conversation that is engaging or eye-catching, or leveraging other people as the conversation and point of interest.

2. Share on multiple platforms

This one will seem obvious – make sure you share your content across all the relevant platforms, especially the ones you are most active on.

  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Facebook
  • Google+

It’s not just about simply sharing in the timelines though; another tip is to share your content in relevant groups and communities.

  • LinkedIn groups
  • Facebook groups
  • Google+ communities
  • Twitter chats

Following this, you can also share your content to social bookmarking sites like:

  • Reddit
  • Digg
  • StumbleUpon
  • Delicious
  • Inbound.org

3. Privately message close connections for their feedback

This can help to generate spread of content that looks organic, especially if you give people pre-release access to your content. Over time, honest feedback from friends should also improve the quality of your content. Also, your friends will often share the blog post themselves once they have received your private message.

Top Tip: If you take the time to tag your links with UTM parameters from Google’s URL Builder you can see who has clicked and opened these links from Google Analytics. This is a useful way to know who you should keep on your pre-release lists for future blog posts.

4. Add prefixes explaining why people should read

Often content is autoshared from businesses without any reason or incentive to read the article. This makes the content hard to distinguish from all the other links shared during the week.

If it is your latest piece of content, let the world know about it.

Try adding prefixes to your tweets:

  • My latest blog post on:
  • New on my blog:
  • Just blogged:
  • New blog post:
  • Blogged this week:

Top Tip: Try two or three variations on your title throughout the week. You might find that one responds far better, in which case you can tweak the title potentially bringing long term SEO benefits too.

Make sure you tweet more than once during different times of the day so that people in different parts of the world can see it too.

Don’t simply tweet when you first publish your content, though. Think about all the potential interactions that mean you can share your content again. Has someone commented on the blog? Are there other discussions and tangential points that have been discussed in social media? Have you updated the content a month or two later?

  • In case you missed it:
  • @______ just commented:
  • Great discussion around:
  • Updated:

5. Share evergreen content regularly

If your piece of content is useful and not time sensitive you might decide to share it weekly or monthly.

Vary the title and see how well it continues to perform over time. Remember to keep it fresh though, and try not to share the same five pieces of content too regularly as your connections will get tired.

Remember, no one likes a spammer.

6. Repurpose your content for other platforms

You’ve already done the hard work by creating the content and in fact, by being creative with its presentation you can develop several more pieces of content from each blog post.

Think about creating variations of your blog posts that can sit on other websites. It doesn’t have to take long or expensive to do.

  • Slideshare
  • Youtube
  • Pinterest

7. Send articles to people asking questions on Twitter

If you write content that directly solves people’s questions, this makes it easy to market long term by monitoring opportunities to engage on social.

Set up columns in Hootsuite that monitor Twitter for search terms answered by your blog post and then send the link to your blog as a personalised response.

This is a fantastic way to introduce your blog post to people you’ve never met as well as increase your reach and start a conversation.

8. Targeted Advertising on Social Networks

If you really want to promote your blog posts in social media and haven’t got the traction you expected you can always buy adverts that will promote your post to a targeted subset of people.

Facebook ads
Stumble Upon ads
Reddit ads
Promoted tweets
Article Originally Posted on Digital Marketing Magazine

Written by Charlie Southwell – Head of Digital at Flagship Consulting

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  1. Charlie, I’ve read lots of posts on how to promote content. At this point, I rarely learn anything new. Your post has all kinds of terrific ideas I haven’t thought of before—and you spell it all out clearly. Thanks for the shining resource. This one gets a bookmark.

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