Know Your Infographics: A Guide To Picking The Right Type Of Infographic

31st January 2014 by Flagship Consulting

Are you looking to create an infographic but are unsure of where to begin? Well this blog post is here to help. This handy blog will guide you through the different types while showing what you can create with the right information.

The general consensus is that there are eight different types of infographic, so it is important to consider the story your data can tell and what format tells it best. By doing paying attention to this at the start you can tailor the infographic to embellish the story you want to tell rather than distracting from it.

The Creative Studio at Flagship Consulting has created the following flow chart to help you determine which style of infographic will tell your story in the most engaging way.

how to start an infographic

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What are the different types of Infographic?

1. Vs Infographic

The simple way to compare two things side by side
Best for: Head to head comparisons

2. Timeline infographic

Great for when you have lots of key dates, showing the history of your business, product or service.
Best for: Showing development of your products or have a number of key dates.

3. Pure Data Visualisation infographic

This is where infographics get scientific.
At its simplest it’s a bar chart, but at its best it is used to map complex data into a visual representation of data using scatter plots, streamgraphs, treemaps and ganntt charts.
Best for: Scientific figures, Demographics, Big/Huge data

4. Number porn infographic

The signature infographic that you’ll see most often. Simply choose your best 8—9 key figures and showcase them in percentages.
Best for: Being precise and to the point

5. Visual article infographic

The infographic which crams all your data and information in.
Best for: When you can’t decide what to whittle down

6. The Useful bait infographic

Creates a handy guide or take away source of practical information.
Best for: How to’s, Conversion charts

7. Flow Chart infographic

The use of yes or no questions means this infogrpahic is clutter free and highly engaging.
Best for: When you want to lead readers on a merry chase to a preordained answer

8. Photo Overlay Infographic

A few key facts and a striking image makes this approach very sharable with immediate impact.
Best for: Use of good quality photography

Looking for inspiration to design your own infographics, try these websites

We wouldn’t recommend it but there are plenty of free tools available to create your own infographics, Flagship Consulting offer a totally bespoke infographic design approach in London, so why not get your creative juices flowing by downloading our retro ideas tablet and start getting your ideas down on paper.
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