WhatsApp infographic

20th February 2014 by Flagship Consulting

WhatsApp infographic

Facebook has successfully made an offer for social media app WhatsApp, but who benefits most? The infographic below takes a look at the key facts and figures around the deal.

Although the deal is worth a reported $19 Billion, only $4 Billion is in cash. The rest is made up of stock ($12 Billion) and restricted stock ($3 Billion).

There is a $1 Billion dollar break-up clause should the deal fall through, $1 Billion is the amount Facebook paid for Instagram in 2012.

A large part of WhatsApp’s success was its global appeal and free messaging service, seeing it used in over 250 countries and across over 750 networks worldwide.

There are an estimated 450 Million users with roughly 1 million new users added daily.

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