B2B Global Content Survey [Infographic]

7th January 2015 by Mark Pinnes

We surveyed 500 global business executives about what they are looking for from content providers and 500 global marketers about how they are building their content strategy. The study was conducted by The Economist Group Content Solutions in association with, communications firm Peppercomm and its partner Flagship Consulting.

B2B Global Content Survey Infographic

The survey found that:

1. Global business executives are seeking substance while companies are largely
still marketing

75% of global business executives said that the primary purpose for seeking business content is researching a business idea, 93% of marketers said they connect their content directly to a product or service.

2. Global decision makers judge success of content on its distinctiveness while marketers judge success on sales
Global business executives unimpressed by content when it’s too self-serving, 67% of executives said content that contained timely or unique information had a meaningful impact on their perceptions of a brand, 71% said the content they didn’t like seemed more like a sales pitch than valuable information. Marketers themselves site a disconnect between their goals and how they measure success 85% of marketers said they create content primarily to build brand awareness, 70% of brands said they measure the effectiveness of their content by calls from customers and prospects.

3. Executives are decidedly old school when it comes to business content…text still rules
85% of executives report preferring text over video and audio when making business decisions, 78% report using their laptop or desktop to view content most frequently, 5% said that videos were helpful, 7% reported using a smartphone prominently for content consumption, 63% of business executives said they use online search as a primary tool to find content, 30% of companies use SEO or SEM.

4. Content creation needs to be a holistic, collaborative effort
Content creators are looking to include their C-suite in their content strategy, 65% said they involve C-level executives, 51% involve communications executives, 34% involve public relations executives, 63% of brands felt their content strategy is understood and integrated throughout the organisation, 31% said it is “highly understood and integrated”. Marketers are still struggling with how to justify their investment in content, 40% of companies feel they aren’t getting sufficient ROI for their content, 33% don’t feel they even have sufficient metrics to measure content ROI.


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