Is your company ready for the Millennial revolution?

27th April 2015 by Flagship Consulting

The issue of adapting the workplace to satisfy the desires of millennials, the generation who will form half of the workforce in 2020, is gaining more and more momentum in the HR space.

In preparing the workforce for the influx in millennials that is set to come, organisations and HR professionals must understand and react to their three basic workplace needs.

Millennials want to work flexibly

45% of Millennials prefer flexibility over a pay rise

Nearly half of those aged between 20 and 35 would choose flexible working allowances over a pay rise. Such a strong desire for flexible working proves that millennials want to attain a job that considers their life outside of work. Arm your employees with tech tools such as smartphones, laptops or remote access to company files which enable them to work when and where they desire. They will then be able to tailor their day to fit around outside of work commitments, and will remain contented in their roles and productive in output.

Millennials want their job to do more than just pay the bills

Millennials want their job to do more than just pay the bills

Corporate social responsibility is a term that millennials appreciate. In fact, some are going as far as to say CSR is millennials’ ‘new religion’. They want to feel like they are making a positive footprint on the world and are therefore part of a community that abides by the same familiar values. Providing them with a healthy salary therefore doesn’t cut it anymore. Think outside the box and present yourself as an organisation that cares about more than meeting targets and reaping profits.

Millennials crave diversity

Millennials crave diversity

Millennials switch jobs approximately six times between the ages 18 and 25. They crave new experiences, the ability to travel and various opportunities. In fact, recent research by PwC found that 71% of those aged between 20 and 35 expect to do an overseas assignment during their career. Ensure your organisation offers up opportunity to work in different environments, try different things and visit new places. This will ensure you retain top talent and will minimise the expenses and inconvenience attached to a high employee turnover.

The modern workforce is changing quickly, and companies across the globe must therefore be proactive in ensuring the needs of this generation are met. Only then will they be able to reap the rewards of a fully engaged, motivated and productive workforce, both now and in the future. Is your organisation ready to face the future?

Find out what Millennials really want from our full future workforce infographic here:


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