10 Must-know travel trends for 2015 Infographic

8th September 2015 by Jackie Murphy

In today’s world, consumers are meticulous in their planning, research and preparation before clicking ‘buy’.

Now imagine a world where marketeers can read clients’ minds during this journey and the impact this could have…

If you don’t understand your customers, if you can’t tell them a story during their buying journey that makes sense from start to finish, you’re losing out.

So, just as your customers need to plan for a successful trip or experience, you need to put some thought into planning your communications strategy.

We have identified the key stages and insights needed to attract the right people at the right time in their journey. And, more importantly, to make sure you’re their go-to company when they make a travel choice.

Top 10 must-know travel trends 2015

60% of leisure travellers say search engines are their go-to online planning source

1 in 5 leisure travellers downloaded a travel-related smartphone app due to a poor mobile site experience

75% leisure travellers switch between devices to plan or book

66% of travellers watch or comment on travel-related videos when thinking about taking a trip

Photos, pictures and videos get over 100% more engagement

Infographics increase web traffic by an average 12%

80% travellers read at least 6–12 reviews prior to booking

84% of consumers make purchases after reading about a product or service on a blog

25% 25–34 year olds read blogs everyday

There are thought to be 4,354 journalists specialising in travel



Our stunning travel infographic above only outlines the top 10 must-know travel trends for 2015, if you need more help planning your communications strategy and understanding your target audience, give us a call on 020 7680 7104 or email me directly jackie.murphy@flagshipconsulting.co.uk.

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