Four Things Businesses Must Do Biennially To Stay Marketing Fit

28th November 2016 by Kevin Mullaney

With 2016 on its way out (thank goodness for that!), our minds inevitably turn to all that ‘New Year New You’ stuff. Businesses, just as much as individuals, can really benefit from a New Year’s appraisal. Marketing in particular is an area which needs reasonably regular reviews, as modern marketing is an extremely changeable, dynamic, and multi-faceted area of business. There are a few marketing exercises which should ideally be carried out biennially , if not more frequently. Here are four things you can do, to tone your marketing muscles and keep your brand in peak condition:

1 – Messaging Review

How good are you at getting your message across? Is your communication clear, precise, and targeted? Do you have a consistent ‘voice’? If so, how does it come across? Do your communications help or hinder your brand? Are you succinct? Are you aware of the reasons for succinctness in the modern world? Are your messages received in the spirit you intended? Are they media-friendly? There are a lot more questions which can be asked in this arena, and plenty of strategies you can implement should you find your messaging framework wanting. However, be warned! It’s pretty easy to tumble down rabbit holes while exploring the complex world of messaging and communications. If you need help staying on-topic and really getting to grips with effective messaging methods, Flagship can provide a comprehensive messaging workshop for you and your business.

2 – Thought Leadership Review

If you’re a ‘thought leader’, you’re a recognized voice of influence in your field. Fairly obviously, that’s something all brands aspire to be! This isn’t just about having great ideas and plenty of experience, however. What will get you noticed is not so much what you say as the way you say it. You can have the most impeccable credentials, and your point may be the most pertinent going – but if you can’t articulate it in the right way, you’re never going to be able to wield influence as a thought leader.  A review of how you’re presenting your perspectives (and how they’re being received) will give you some insight into how your thought leadership is performing. If thought leadership is something you’d like to enhance or advance, Flagship can help you out.

3 – SEO Audit

Oh, the eternal headache that is SEO. Google is perpetually changing their algorithms. They say they do this to improve user experience, but we all know that they really do it to drive SEO marketers up the wall. SEO needs to be more or less constantly under micro-review, but doing a full-scale audit of your SEO every couple of years will really help to highlight areas you’re keeping up with, and areas where you’re falling down. For example, some businesses are absolutely fantastic at moving with the changes and maintaining a strong search presence, but don’t realise until they audit that they’re dropping way behind on mobile SEO. Flagship can provide a skilled outside perspective for your SEO audit, and help suggest specific changes which could really improve your digital visibility.

4 – Creative Brainstorming

Even the best teams come down with serious creative fatigue from time to time. After a couple of years, business creativity often starts to settle into a comfortable but stagnant rut. Creativity thrives on novelty, so it’s understandable that a familiar team and modus operandi –while great in some respects – doesn’t produce the most inspired and original material. Luckily, it doesn’t take long to revitalize your creativity, you simply need to give yourself a bit of a shake up and boost via a creativity workshop. An unfamiliar perspective is always useful for these, great at providing fresh ideas for you to bounce off. Flagship can run a creative brainstorming session for you which will give a great creativity workout, leaving you inspired, revitalised, and more than ready to face the next two years!

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