How To Avoid Getting Bogged In Your Corporate Blogs

5th December 2016 by Sophy Norris

Some people are turning away from the work related blog. They prefer to publish content exclusively via facebook or twitter. We understand why. Blogging can be difficult. For a blog to be really effective, you need to post to it regularly, and posting regularly can be a chore. Far easier to bash out 130 characters and append an ironic hashtag every once in a while.

However, despite its hardships, blogging remains a worthwhile endeavour. Not only does a blog boost SEO, it also gives you and your business a platform and voice distinct from the fast-forgotten chatter of facebook and twitter. So it’s worth overcoming “blog block” and getting posting!

If you’re really having trouble, these tips might help…

1 – Make A Realistic Posting Schedule

As with everything, if you think you’ve ‘failed’ conclusively at blogging, you’re less likely to go back to it than you would otherwise. Setting yourself an unrealistic posting schedule, and then not keeping to it, is a great way of convincing yourself that you’re a blogging failure. When you’re planning out your blog, make sure that you’re honest with yourself not just about how much you can post, but about how much you will post. Set yourself a schedule with some wiggle room. And, if you don’t stick to that schedule, don’t chuck in the towel. Get back on the horse (love a mixed metaphor) and update your blog as soon as you’re able.

2 – Make The Most Of Inspiration

Some days, you’re going to have to really grit your teeth in order to put words on paper. Other days, you’re brimful of inspiration and feel you could write five or six posts! So go ahead, write five or six posts, nowt wrong with a bit of stockpiling. These days, you can usually line up blog posts for scheduled release. If you make the most of your inspired days to build up a blog store, you needn’t worry when blog-time comes around and you’re feeling creatively desiccated.

3 – Keep An Eye Out For New Content

The absolute best way to keep your blog updated is to keep your eye out for potential new content.  Whatever your subject of choice, or area of expertise, make sure that you’re consuming content, watching trends, constantly learning. That way, you’re sure to never run short of ideas!

4 – Get Someone Else To Do It

If you’re really, truly blog-phobic, then just hire someone else to do your corporate blogging for you. There are lots of freelance bloggers and blogging companies out there who will happily produce tailored content for you. All you have to do is find them!

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