Content Marketing For Law Firms – Our Comprehensive Guide

16th March 2017 by Diana Soltmann

Flagship Consulting, in association with legal professionals and law marketers, has put together a full guide to content marketing for law firms. Content marketing, despite being an absolutely essential aspect of any reputable firm’s repertoire, remains widely misunderstood, and, therefore, misused within the legal profession.

Content marketing is, essentially, content created and published under a brand’s banner, which does not directly advertise a product or service. Blogs, articles, or anything published online to inform and entertain rather than to openly self-promote can be considered ‘content marketing’. This is not to say that a legal firm’s content marketing does not help to promote their brand – our research has shown that good content marketing can generate around 8% more site traffic for a firm – often in very specific niches, which naturally lead to more business. However, content marketing achieves this by adding value to a brand and positioning a law firm as a trusted source of expertise and information, rather than by overtly promoting products and services.

Content marketing for the legal profession remains a problematic area. There is a fine balance to strike between making content accessible, and using the correct legal terminology. Many law firms struggle to strike the balance between content marketing for lawyers, and content marketing for clients, prospects and the language of the internet. Similarly, general misunderstandings about what content marketing means for the legal profession, and how it can be used, often leads to law firm content marketing hitting the wrong notes. The [free] comprehensive guide offers a twelve step solution to legal content marketing problems. Our guide can help legal firms to;

  • Gain a greater understanding of content marketing,
  • To identify appropriate audiences, and tailor content to them,
  • To develop comprehensive content strategies which will ensure that content is always relevant and on-message,
  • To create engaging, potentially viral content which will help to position legal firms as thought leaders in their chosen area,
  • To strike the correct balance between accessibility and erudition,
  • To monitor content performance, and change strategies to reflect that performance.

Flagship’s guide to content marketing for law firms can be viewed here.

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