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12th January 2018 by Flagship Consulting

Hello, Happy New Year, and welcome to Flagship Consulting’s newsletter…

Our New Year’s Resolution is to bring you updates from the Flagship team, our extended Peppercomm family, news of the big wins for our clients, as well as our thoughts on industry updates, every month.

The trends to watch in 2018

Tackling the gender pay gap: Come May 2018, companies with more than 250 employees will have to disclose their gender pay gap, and we’ve been working hard to understand the effects this new legislation will have.

So watch out for our whitepaper later this year. It will shine a light on the challenges companies face when communicating the gender pay gap, both internally and externally, and will offer expert analysis from neuroscientists and psychologists, as well as HR leaders such as Sainsbury’s Angela Risley.

Ethics tops the agenda: In the wake of the Bell Pottinger scandal, ethics in the PR industry will certainly be at front of mind. We recently hosted Roger Steare, the ‘Corporate Philosopher’ and visiting Professor of Ethics at Cass Business School, who delivered an insightful talk on ethics in our personal and work lives, assessed our Moral DNA and discussed ethics role in PR.

Be sure to check out our blog as this is something we will be discussing a lot over the year.

Our PR predictions for 2018

It’s that time of year where we like to think about what’s going to be big in our industry over the next 12 months, so here our top predictions for the PR industry in 2018:

  1. Reputation, reputation, reputation: PR will become more integrated into the sales, marketing, HR and customer service functions. It will act as a gatekeeper to all things reputational, including customer service, as companies are increasingly approached by consumers via social media.
  2. Dispelling fake news: We will become more involved in the Fake News debate – it will be up to communications teams both in-house and agency to shine a light on what is real and what is not.
  3. Getting to know you: Consumer brands will focus less on audience demographics and more on passions and personality types. We can’t simply approach certain age groups with the same information anymore – everyone is so different.
  4. Out with the old: There will be more stories about corporate past behaviours, now deemed unacceptable. Issues such as gender pay gap reporting will put the spotlight on employers’ real attitude to diversity.
  5. Thinking outside the box: With fewer reporters and more publications sadly disappearing, PR professionals will need to think beyond media coverage. Communications strategies will need to address digital, content marketing, influencer engagement as well as thought leadership to stay in the game.
  6. Authenticity and sustainability will continue to be important to consumers – whether in the travel space where unique but real and culturally immersive experiences will be demanded, or in food or drink where provenance and ethical practices are all important.
  7. Lessons learned: 2018 will see PR experts working harder to educate on the importance of third-party validation and strong press while still incorporating more within the digital and social media marketing realm.

What a year 2017 has been for Flagship

Over the last few months we’ve been extending our family and doing some great work for our clients, whether we’ve serviced them for months, years, or even decades…

Global Recycling Day, the worldwide initiative by BIR, has launched its manifesto to call on consumers and world leaders to improve their approach to recycling and find a better way to use the world’s Seventh Resource. Watch out for the inaugural day on 18th March. You can read about it and sign the petition here.

The race to Bliss is on for Norwegian Cruise Line. In April, we’ll be launching its latest cruise ship Norwegian Bliss, complete with the longest electric car race track at sea.

ADP’s Annabel Jones and Graham Wylie appeared on stage at the GDPR Summit at the end of 2017 to address a packed conference of business leaders and marketers. They advised on the best approach to the upcoming legislation and how processes will have to change come 25 May 2018.

Workplace solution experts Steelcase held the official opening of the Learning and Innovation Centre (LINC) in Munich in November. We’ve been working with Steelcase to promote the idea that collaboration and agility are critical to creativity, as evidenced in their design of the LINC. Check it out.

Nitto Denko sponsored 2017’s ATP Tennis tournament at the O2. Its CEO, Hideo Takasaki, and CTO, Toshiyuki Umehara, gave journalists an exclusive first-look at Nitto’s new high-speed, large capacity plastic optical cable during the event.

And finally, our insights

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