Flagship’s February Newsletter

16th February 2018 by Tom Jenkin

The longest and darkest month of the year is over…

While we may have given up our commitments to Dry January and our ambitions to eat more vegan food, we are continuing to bring you news from the Flagship team, and our extended Peppercomm family, as well as our thoughts on the industry.

It’s been a busy month

The new year certainly brought exciting new things for Flagship, and this month has been all about ‘launches’ for the team and our clients:

Ahead of the Gender Pay Gap Reporting deadline this April, we launched our guide on ‘Communicating your Gender Pay Gap Results’. With insights from leading figures at J Sainsbury’s PLC and organisational psychology and management experts, our report gives you clear advice on communicating your organisation’s gender pay gap results in a way that elevates you above your competitors. Have a read today.

We also held a fantastic pre-launch party on the 18th January for Norwegian Cruise Line’s new ship Norwegian Bliss with a fleet of journalists looking to join the inaugural sailing in April.

Workplace solution experts Steelcase redefined innovation with the launch of SilQ. Journalists were seriously impressed by the ultra sleek office chair which adapts to a sitter’s body movements without the need for knobs and levers – thanks to a breakthrough in material science and a new type of polymer.

Lastly, our very own deputy MD, Mark Pinnes, joined ADP UK’s Managing Director Jeff Phipps to kick off the first in a series of roundtables with Growth Business. This roundtable was all about gender parity and how women should develop strong male allies. You can read the debate here.

Campaigns that created buzz

January may have been a somewhat gloomy month, but that certainly didn’t hinder creativity in the PR industry. Here are just a few of our favourite PR stunts and campaigns from the past month:

Trump’s waxwork: When the President cancelled his visit to the UK fearing he wouldn’t get a warm reception, Madame Tussauds jumped on the opportunity to confuse us all by placing their waxwork in front of the new embassy. Genius.

Sunbeds for hire: ‘Towel-wars’ are over. Thanks to Thomas Cook’s recent campaign, there will be no need to rush down to the pool at the crack of dawn, towels in hand, as you can now pre-book your sunbeds ahead of your trip. It caused days of debate and provoked endless streams of videos and comments on social media. A PR masterstroke for the holiday company.

Love is in the air: This Valentine’s Day, Greggs is opening its doors for some ‘lucky’ couples to enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime four-course meal, complete with a bottle of Prosecco. Gimmicky it may be, but this campaign was reported in pretty much every national newspaper.

Spotlight on ethics

Last month we made you aware of our campaign on the issue of ethics in the PR industry in the wake of the Bell Pottinger scandal. In our latest blogs on the topic, we answer some important questions:

Do we practise what we preach?
We look at how the PR industry can prove it has the best professionals to consult and advise companies on ethical behaviour in the instance of a dilemma. We argue that only by acting in unison can PR practitioners up their game. Do you agree? Check it out today.

What defines an ethical situation?
Defining what is ethical can be a difficult task. Within business, people can act unethically for a number of reasons and motivations, going against social mores designed to maintain the fairness and morality of a situation. So what should you do if you find yourself in an unethical situation? We take a look.

How to build an ethical relationship with your clients
We discuss how PR practitioners can build ethical relationships with their clients, and how to maintain these connections in order to deliver positive results. Be patient, have attention to detail., and actively communicate, are the secrets, according to Victoria Porcelatto. Read her blog here.

Keep your eye on our blog for even more discussion points from our team.

And finally, our insights

Diana Soltmann: The Press Whisperers

Jackie Murphy: People work differently – so let them!

Mark Pinnes: Artificial Intelligence hacked democracy and put Trump in the White House

Belinda Hallworth: Why social media must adapt for travel

Tom Jenkin: Automation isn’t the end for human jobs, it allows us to evolve

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