Five golden rules to ensure you profit from travel and leisure marketing campaigns

29th October 2018 by Belinda Hallworth

Powerful content from travel and leisure brands influences two-thirds of us when booking holidays.  Bearing in mind we now take breaks more than three times a year, a focus on how effective the content in a campaign should be is crucial.  But what are the important tactics in securing bookings through grabbing consumers’ interests with eye-catching content marketing.

We have five critical areas campaign chiefs should address in their content before launching the latest push for bookings.

In researching our Content Marketing for Travel and Leisure brands – Five golden rules to turn your content campaigns into profit we looked at latest trends, new ways of securing attention and  the most effective strategies to turn lookers in to bookers.

Our five “golden rules” are:

  • Answer the question – know your customers and understand what they are looking for.
  • Be consistently you – a consistent message, backing up your brand strength, is critical for existing clients and converting new ones.
  • Become a content mixologist – our attention span is just 12 seconds, so innovative ways to grab and keep attention is crucial.
  • Make the most of FOMO – user-generated filmed content from peers is crucial.
  • Be interesting – refresh, refresh, refresh. Your brand may be well-established, but don’t look boring.

We spend 20% of our time looking at content, so the trick is turning lookers into bookers and that takes thought, planning and a healthy injection of creativity. Brands who invest the time, will reap the rewards.

For more information, download our complete guide:

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