Introducing our new Account Manager…. Hiwot Wolde-Senbet

28th February 2019 by Kevin Mullaney

Introducing our new Account Manager…. Hiwot Wolde-Senbet

Hiwot has run PR, media relations and Social Media programmes for Financial Services and technology firms such as Legal & General, Bloomberg Terminal, Landbay, EY, Financial Network Analytics and more. Hiwot currently manages financial services consultant firm, Altus; cybersecurity provider, ESET UK and international law firm Osborne Clarke.


Why did you choose to work with us?

I wanted to work at an agency that is about its people. An agency that empowers employees of all levels by giving them the autonomy required to do an outstanding job. I also wanted to work for an agency that has a mix of clients with an aptitude to take risks and challenge their industries by doing ‘out of the box work’ and thinking.

What did you most love about week one?

Week one, day three, the team and I attended a planning meeting for one of our clients in Bath. We were presenting 2018 results and 2019 plan to 17 extremely keen and outstanding consultants and their marketing team that have been working on the PR plan for the whole year. It was so nerve-racking but also exciting at the same time.

Ahead of the meeting, it was so incredible to see the team huddle to put the presentation together and plan for the year ahead. It was a great bonding experience and made me feel part of the team immediately.

What clients are you working on?

I have a mix of clients. ESET, a cybersecurity specialist; Osborne Clarke, an international law firm; Altus, financial services consultancy, ADP, global payroll company, the Myers-Briggs Company, business psychology and Thales, a global tech company.

Most funny thing that’s happened since you joined?

It is never funny when the joke is on you but, on my first day, I was told to give a presentation to 30 financial services consultants.  Considering I haven’t even met any of them, had to learn what they do and the presentation material in two days, I was completely nerves. To be honest, I am sure I had a mini-stroke deep down. I kept asking, “wow…. 30 of them?”

To my relief, they were only 17, and trust me I counted. What can I say; the team managed my expectation exceptionally well while giggling at my expense.

Most inspiring thing?

The most inspiring thing for me would be Thirsty Thursdays. And I promise it’s not just for the free wine.  It’s the fact that the team gets together to share inspiring ideas and educate each other on random topics that leave you thinking.

What you did before?

I worked on several PR and social media campaigns as an independent consultant and as a freelancer for different tech and financial services agencies. Most notably, I had the opportunity to work on the Global African Finance and Investment Summit in London that hosted UK government ministers, seven African presidents and over 300 businesses. I had the honour of running a press office that hosted over 120 press and conducted over 80 interviews over two days. It was hectic but exciting.

Dream client

My dream client is Google. I think it would be interesting to manage the reputation of a global tech giant that plays such a significant role in the way world works.

Dream campaign

I would love to do an integrated campaign that truly impacts the way women are represented. It would be something similar to Nike’s “What are girls made of?”  advert. Not only because it talks to women but the fact that it challenges society’s thinking and adds meaning to their products and services.

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