Flagship’s Guide to Mapping the Perfect Campaign

9th April 2019 by Flagship Consulting

More and more at Flagship, we are working on campaigns (whether they be content, online, real life or something else) that help our clients cut through everyday noise in order raise awareness of their brand, product or, increasingly, their cause.

Which is why, over the past few years our team has expanded its work on campaigning, undertaking programmes which effect change, raise the profile of issues and deeply engage audiences.

From high-profile political campaigns to social justice, inclusiveness and issue-raising campaigns, we have worked on some major national and international projects. These are projects that make a real difference, ones that we, as a wider team, are proud to have been involved in.

Recently, we decided to take a deeper look at the campaigns that really caught our attention in 2018 and to unpack them to see if we could discover what made them really great and stand out above the rest.

We uncovered seven universal truths in our work, seven themes, strategies and tactics that we saw employed again and again to great effect.  These seven truths are:

  1. Charismatic, committed and competent people behind the campaign.
  2. A favourable Climate.
  3. Consistent Communications.
  4. Clarity.
  5. Credibility.
  6. Commonality.
  7. Community.

These “Seven Cs” lead us to create our Mapping the Perfect Campaign Guide, showcasing just how each of these C’s comes to life in the six campaigns we unpicked.   The aim is to guide readers through the elements that comprise a perfect campaign and to give examples of them put into, brilliant, practice.

If you would like to talk to us about how we can use campaigning work to help you raise your voice, please contact the Flagship campaigns team on 0207 680 7104.

You can download the guide by clicking on the image above, or using this link HERE.

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