Flagship’s March Newsletter

11th April 2019 by Kevin Mullaney

This month we launch our new guide on how to map the perfect campaign, showcase the incredible results for Global Recycling Day,  share our marketing insights and client content as well as share some of the key dates this April.

One-minute marketing insights

Digital Hype Cycle

Very useful adaptation of Gartner’s Hype Cycle, focusing on digital communications, from Ste Davies’ excellent blog on engaging consumers.  All marketeers should take a look at this and track where you are using various social and digital channels, and if you are doing so to best effect.

The rise, and rise, of mobile

Recent statistics from the US show a significant jump in mobile time spent among 18-34s, from 29% to 34%. The growth came at the expense of television viewing.  Overall, figures across all viewers show an increase from 21% to 24%.  YouTube is now responsible for 37% of all internet traffic. You can read more on the latest mobile usage figures in the US (and where the US leads, we follow) HERE.

Speak Up to End Malaria

We love this campaign from Malaria No More – who are tapping into the ever-growing trend of voice (we are looking at you podcasts) to raise awareness of its latest petition calling on leaders to take action. With David Beckham as a front man, this is the first ever voice petition – asking signatories to  “Speak Up” with the message MALARIA MUST DIE. More and more people are using voice and audio, recognising it’s the unique power of the spoken word in reaching our inner-most thoughts, and this activation from Malaria No More is an excellent example.

Dates to watch out for in April – for PR and Marketing planning, useful to know, or just for fun

April is Stress Awareness Month

21 April – Easter

22 April – Earth Day

22 April – Start of National Stationery Week

23 April – St George’s Day

25 April – World Penguin Day (Jackie Murphy this is for you)

27 April – National Gardening Week

28 April – London Marathon

Flagship’s guide to mapping the perfect campaign – the 7 Cs!

We decided to take a deeper look at the campaigns that really caught our attention in 2018 and to unpack them to see if we could discover what made them really great and stand out above the rest.

We uncovered seven universal truths in our work, seven themes, strategies and tactics that we saw employed again and again to great effect.  These seven truths – the 7 Cs – are:

  1. Charismatic, committed and competent people behind the campaign.
  2. A favourable Climate.
  3. Consistent Communications.
  4. Clarity.
  5. Credibility.
  6. Commonality.
  7. Community.

Download our guide here.

Global Recycling Day

Global Recycling Day 2019 was a huge success. There were 21 events held across the world on and around the 18th March, 671 million people had the chance to hear about Global Recycling Day through media coverage alone, over 6.5 million people were reached on social media and big brands across the world recognised the day through their own initiatives. And this is just the tip of the iceberg!

Find out more at www.globalrecyclingday.com

Ito World

‘Nothing’ would entice 44% of Brits to give up their car according to a new survey from data transit experts Ito World.  Concern for the environment was the least popular response, with just 5% citing it as a reason to give up their private vehicle.  These findings, and more, have been explored in a new whitepaper called “Kicking the UK’s car habit” by Ito World.

The paper, created by us with Ito World, examines just how toxic the UK’s relationships with cars has become, and asks what it will take for commuters to evolve and embrace a cleaner, simpler transport ecosystem.


And finally, our Insights

FT editor lecture’s big PR error

Mark takes on the FT’s view of PR in the national debate here.

If it ain’t broke…

Belinda checks out M&S’s clever branding revisiting old favourites here.

BEIS Audit shake-up misses the point, here’s why

Mark runs the slide rule over the Government’s ‘flawed’ plans for accountancy firms here.

Cheers to Heineken’s Employer Branding Strategy

Courtney gets a taste for Heineken’s refreshing approach to recruitment here

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