Who we are – A journey to the new Flagship

22nd May 2019 by Mark Pinnes

Symbols hold irresistible power. Women and men outstrip their physical limits to secure medals, introverted fans commune in tearful joy with total strangers – as long as they are in the right colours.  Some people strike out in defence or attack for their symbols, others turn the other cheek as their symbols demand. Symbols lift us out of ourselves, unite us, connect us to ideas and enable us to experience and achieve more than we ever thought possible.


Symbols help shape our personal and collective identities.


Here at Flagship, the breadth and diversity of natural talent in the team inspires all of us to achieve. Our culture encourages us each to bring our whole selves to work every day, to be authentic and creative, to push ourselves to be smarter, more dynamic and make our clients stand-out. But the symbol, the brand, the identity that we have been cleaving to – that’s not representative of who we really are.


As of today, that changes. We have listened to our team and our clients, we have analysed what was driving our successes and taken the decision to renew ourselves.


In this refreshed brand identity, we’re celebrating the best of what we do; signalling to our clients, ourselves, and our future team-mates that this is who we are, this is what you should expect from us – this is the new normal.


We are taking ownership of the term “PR.” We know that PR is now understood by people in the industry as a multi-disciplinary skill, integrating many elements of marketing, and we will showcase this loud and proud (not long-ago PR was synonymous with ‘media relations’ – that’s now changed).


The media has lost its bearings, the voices on each side are deafening, and standing out is harder than ever. Even in this melee we have been able to find a recipe for success, and we’re taking it to the heart of the way we work. We’re helping clients command the conversations they need to be a part of – and we’re putting that promise right there in our tagline.


Inspiring concepts and commanding conversations are at the heart of our work, but they come with the triple benefit of having been through our newly coined IDEAScubed process.  This process, which features rigorous intelligence and planning to drive an inspirational idea, is executed with excellence to deliver measurable impact.


So if you’d like to work with us, or know somebody who you think can command conversations,  either as a colleague or a brand – we’d love to hear from you.


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