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24th May 2019 by Flagship Consulting

Introducing a fresh new brand and look for Flagship…

At the end of last year the team at Flagship undertook a quick audit with several of our clients (thank you to those of you who took part) looking into how they value PR and marketing, where it can best support, what delights (and indeed frustrates) and where Flagship truly shines.

This audit, along with some intensive internal workshops, made us realise our brand was not reflecting the Flagship we are or – more importantly – the Flagship we strive to be – a modern, well connected, creative and trusted adviser to our clients, delivering work that drives real value.

So we have spent the last three months refining who we are, fine tuning our brand and updating our visual representation and we are delighted to share the first manifestation of this with you today.

We will be making further announcements in the next few months – culminating in a new website in September – so there will be more to come.  But, in the meantime, we are delighted to (re)introduce you to:

  • Flagship PR
  • Commanding Conversations
  • IDEAScubed
A Refreshed Logo

PR is no longer synonymous with just media relations (though most definitely still includes it), but is a multi-disciplinary skill, integrating many elements of marketing and content creation.  We are unashamedly PR experts in the most modern sense.  This is why we have introduced the oblique line and ‘PR’ into our logo, clearly stating who we are and what we do.  We will be introducing further core skills to our portfolio of services as we grow, and this oblique line treatment gives us the space to do this elegantly and seamlessly.

You may also notice our refreshed logo has cleaner lettering and clearly defined colours, the ‘lozenge’ emphasising our ‘Flagship orange’ a vibrant, aspiring, warm colour reflecting a team that truly champions its clients.

A New Strapline

We live in a world of dialogue.  A digital, always on, world where individuals demand relationships not just with other individuals, but with the brands they encounter.

Every element of marketing points towards this relationship dynamic; from AI to WOM, influencers influencing to tribes on Twitter, brand narratives to corporate soundscapes.  As the owners of content, creators of narratives and tellers of stories, our job is to help brands master this new dynamic, to take control, to make noise and be in charge of the conversations they have.

This is why we have introduced our new “Commanding Conversations” strapline – a clear statement of intent of the kind of work we know we excel at delivering.

Articulating Our Process

We know that in a world full of noise, connecting with people through stand out ideas is what makes a real difference to our clients. Inspiring concepts and commanding conversations are at the heart of our work, but they come with the triple benefit of having been through our IDEAScubed process, a process which incorporates three distinct stages:

  • Intelligence
    We combine market intelligence, emotional intelligence, and specialist knowledge to truly interrogate, understand and refine the brief in order to develop best-in-class recommendations;
  • Inspiration
    We apply our most creative thinking to craft campaigns that fit the brief, inspire clients and audiences and drive strategy forwards
  • Impact
    We employ appropriate tools to track and report on outputs, outcomes and the business impact of our campaigns, providing the metrics that matter to each individual business we work with.

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