5 lessons I learnt in my first year at Flagship

13th November 2019 by Jo Kenworthy

Expect the unexpected

When I applied for my job at Flagship, I wasn’t entirely sure what Public Relations meant. My expectations of PR were press releases, meetings with clients and journalists, and, or so I thought, a lot of boozy events. Twelve months later, I like to think I have a much better idea of what PR actually is and am doing a pretty good job of it, but I’d be lying if I said it was what I’d expected. When I started, I was sure that I would eventually only want to work on consumer clients in the travel and lifestyle sectors and was quite happy to avoid the more corporate clients – after all, what do I know about financial services? However, when I joined I was put on a mix of clients across all sectors. From law firms to global cyber security companies, I felt well and truly out of my depth. With less than minimal knowledge of malware, GDPR and other key topics that the clients could comment on, I was scared to say the least. But little did I know that I would actually start to enjoy these challenges, as they forced me out of my comfort zone and got me learning about technologies and topics that I had never heard of, let alone could write an 800 word thought leadership article on! And this leads nicely on to my second point, which is that…

The learning never stops

With the wide range of clients that Flagship has, the opportunity for learning is endless. Within one year, I have worked on over twenty clients or new business projects, each with their own unique requirements and subject matter. From learning the ropes in PR to increasing my understanding of my clients’ industries, I have picked up so many new skills and expanded my knowledge immensely. And it doesn’t stop as you become more senior. I’m sure my colleagues will agree that one of the best things about PR is the chance to learn new things every day, no matter which stage of your career you’re at.

PR life has its perks

While PR life is maybe not the glitz and glamour that it is sometimes made out to be, it definitely has its perks. In my first year at Flagship, I’ve been lucky enough to attend a number of great events, some of which have contributed to my professional development, others which have just been good fun. On the travel side of things, I’ve attended a ski industry awards nights, the World Travel Market, a cruise-related event in the Gherkin and a travel start up pitch night, to name a few. While we have to attend these events in a work capacity (business cards at the ready), the majority of the time the attendees are like-minded and easy to talk to, making it an enjoyable atmosphere – the free food and drinks certainly help too. I have also attended some really interesting events in the B2B space, which often feature top-class speakers with the latest industry insights. I recently went to an event where I listened to talks from the Vice President of Urban Mobility at Mastercard and the Head of New Mobility UK at Uber about how technology will transform the transit industry. As someone who never used to take an interest in transport, I couldn’t have imagined myself sat listening to these speakers with such attentiveness as I did at that event. This just goes to show the amazing opportunities that a job in PR can offer you, no matter how early on in your career.

It’s not so scary in the deep end

As we’re slightly on the smaller side, Flagship is the ideal place to start out in PR, because you’re heavily involved from day one. Within my first month or so I had been introduced to my clients and started working on the accounts, helping with the busy press offices and calling journalists to pitch press releases. Whilst this baptism of fire is mildly terrifying at the beginning, I quickly realised that I wouldn’t change the experience for anything. By getting stuck in so early on in the job, I felt like an integral part of the team and valued on each of my accounts. I got to know my clients fairly quickly and was trusted to make my own decisions, always safe in the knowledge that help was at hand if I needed it.

There’s nowhere like Flagship

The ability to ask for help is one of the reasons that I love working at Flagship. The small team makes for an incredibly supportive atmosphere with great comradery, in which everyone looks out for one another and takes the strain when others may be struggling. I have never worked with such a lovely team of people who truly care about the work they do and the people they work with. When the going gets tough, I know I can rely on my colleagues to keep me going… even if that does involve handing out a glass of wine!

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