It’s not business (planning), it’s personal

14th January 2020 by Mark Pinnes

The line-by-line scrap for resources modern businesses refer to as “planning” is badly misconceived. This is a time for imagination, ambition and an appetite to see what’s truly possible if you put your mind and guts into it.

Of course, it’s important to stay aligned to corporate strategy, but even in the digital world, business is done by humans – and we’re asking our clients “where do you, personally, want to be in five years?”

Inside our own company, it’s our job as agency leaders to hire people whose goals and passions are aligned with our own, and then help them achieve those goals for as long as they stay aligned. It means that we can, hand on heart, say that during their time here, the better we are at making our teammates’ dreams come true, the better we perform. That’s why in this planning cycle we’re asking;

  • “What’s the work you love most?
  • How can we help you do more of it?
  • What do you need to grow?
  • What contribution do you want to make?
  • How can we help you make it?”

And it’s 2020! Flying taxis, interplanetary travel, intelligent computers, augmented reality and nano-technology are all appearing on the horizon (some might be a mirage). But this is not the moment to think small, it’s time to dream big, and take massive action to make those dreams into reality.

In the past year, we have helped our clients dream big – our wonderful Flagship team has helped create a global movement for recycling, helped one client sell over half a billion dollars’ worth of technology, created opportunities for underprivileged people to take once-in-a-lifetime holidays and so, so much more – and we’ve seen a young and hungry team stretch their minds to achieve things they didn’t think were possible.

In 2020, the Flagship team is aiming for big, hairy and audacious goals – because that’s what inspires our team.

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