Business Books In-Brief: Unf*ck Yourself by Gary John Bishop

Written by urban philosopher and life coach Gary John Bishop, Unf*ck Yourself explains how to get out of your head and into your life. Judging purely by its front cover, one would assume it’s just another generic self-help book. However, once you delve deeper into it, it’s actually a really good book that can be enjoyed by everyone, as it aims to wake readers up to their true potential (both at work and in our personal lives) and silence the inner critic inside us all.
I found all the chapters inspiring and helpful, but the one that stood out the most to me was all about embracing the uncertainty. This is around human beings wanting to seek the certain but avoid the uncertain. Bishop explains that uncertainty is where things actually happen and is the pathway to opportunity. The only thing guaranteed in life is that it’s uncertain, so rather than trying to control everything, why not take life as it comes and welcome the uncertainty? I’m starting to see how this can be applied both to our professional and personal lives. By changing our thought patterns to more empowering and positive ones, we all have the power to change our worlds.
There’s so much that I took away from this book, but below is a short breakdown of what I found most impactful, and what I hope will help others also:
• Our emotions as humans largely result from thinking, so we may control our feelings by controlling our own thoughts
• The happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts
• Embrace the uncertainty. Our biggest successes are born from discomfort, uncertainty and risk
Although they all sound like simple concepts, they are ones that are easily forgotten from time to time, especially when we get caught up in our day to day tasks. Sometimes the best thing you can do is take a step back and really evaluate if your dominant thoughts are ones that are serving you and helping you get closer to where you really want to be.
Ultimately, we are all in control of our thoughts and therefore our actions, so the book is saying that we should keep our thoughts in sync with what we want in life but also embrace the uncertainty of life!
It’s a book that I would recommend to anyone, regardless of where you are in life or your career, as it helps to open your mind and show how powerful we all are in making our lives what we want them to be.