Hampden & Co: Breaking ground with a ground breaking private bank

Campaign Breaking ground with a ground breaking private bank


Flagship was entrusted with the launch of Hampden & Co, the first private bank to open in the UK in 30 years. The management team wanted to bring an alternative to a crowded marketplace, but following the financial crisis, trust in banks was at an all-time low. Our campaign injected drama and competition to a 400 year old industry. The goal? To appeal to high net worth individuals and investors, whilst keeping existing stakeholders on side.


We guided Hampden & Co through the entire launch process from inception to mobilisation, and finally authorisation. We advised on branding, positioning, messaging and provided contingency plans for potential issue management.

We opened our extensive “little black book” of commentators and influencers across the banking sector, introducing our 21st Century debutant bank into the traditional society of financial experts, press, policy makers and investors.


Blanket coverage in all target financial and mainstream media was key to persuading investors that the demand for a blue chip private bank existed. Coverage was used in shareholder communications and the bank met the criteria required to receive its licence. Hampden & Co was able to attract major investors which allowed it to meet its liquidity requirements to expand. Stakeholders remained loyal to the bank and the majority became customers as well.

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