Steelcase: Giving space a seat at the table

Campaign Giving space a seat at the table


Steelcase, the world’s leading workplace furniture provider, wanted the C-suite to understand how space can dramatically affect employee engagement. In order to put the issue on the boardroom agenda, Steelcase launched research into workplace experiences around the world. We were tasked with bringing The Global Workplace Report to the attention of British business.


Using our knowledge of the British workplace and C-suite executives, we identified messages that would resonate with the target audience. We mined the global data for themes that would break through the news agenda: how open offices impact engagement, worker dissatisfaction with their office environment, and how best to accommodate remote working. These news platforms connected Steelcase’s physical solutions to these issues, and enabled us to tell the story through the national business media.


Our comprehensive strategy really worked. By breaking the story down into digestible insights, we extended the life of the report to 6 months of media interest. The project achieved nearly 90 pieces of coverage, with over half in tier 1 press, making the UK the most successful market in terms of its influence.

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