Flagship’s 2021 Tech Trends

Those who wrote 2020 trends pieces this time last year may be dispirited to reflect on how many of those trends actually came into fruition. While the coronavirus pandemic may have slowed down some progression this year, there’s no denying that situations like this have accelerated innovation in the past. With that in mind, here are our top technology trends for 2021: 

Digital first. Remote first. 

For businesses to emerge successfully from COVID-19, adopting an anywhere operations model will be vital for businesses. This operating model follows the rule “digital first, remote first” and let’s businesses be accessed, delivered and enabled anywhere for customers, employers and business partners. 

The premiumisation of human contact 

Voice assistants, Amazon Alexa and on-demand apps on our phones have taken away our need to speak to someone to get what we want. But we will start to see brands offering human-driven customer service as a premium service because talking to a chatbot costs less than talking to a human representative. 

Out-of-home (OOH) advertising 

With more people recognising the importance of unplugging from their personal devices, we will begin to see marketers relying on out-of-home advertising to target their audiences. Developments in technology mean marketers can deliver dynamic creatives based on environmental factors such as weather, location and time of day to influence consumers behaviour. Keep an eye out for this type of personalised video on the tube! 

Internet of Behaviours (IoB) 

We’ve seen Internet of Things come into the public domain and COVID-19 protocol monitoring has demonstrated the power of IoB in using data to change behaviours. Data that spans the digital and physical worlds can be used to influence behaviours through feedback loops, although privacy laws vary in different countries and will impact the uptake on this. 

The commuting consumer 

Connected cars embedded with voice assistants are growing in number and we’re starting to see other applications develop like BMW integrating Amazon’s Alexa into their cars and Visa providing an in-car digital wallet which makes payments simple and secure. As more people move out of cities, they will begin to rely on their cars to help manage their lives.