Four reasons why it is brilliant to be nominated for awards

[Update: Flagship has now been nominated for five awards, with the #RecyclingHeroes campaign announced as a finalist in UK Social Media Awards on 21 August!]

This year, which we all know has been one of extraordinary tumult and change, the team at Flagship has been particularly delighted to have been made finalists for not one, but four (correction: five!), awards for the work we have done for our brilliant clients ESET UK and The Global Recycling Foundation (GRF).

ESET UK – I’m A Cyberlebrity Campaign

  • Best PR Campaign – UK Agency Awards 2020
  • Media Relations Award – PRCA Dare Awards 2020

Global Recycling Foundation – #RecyclingHeroes reignites the Spirit of Global Recycling Day

  • Best Social Media Campaign – UK Agency Award
  • Digital and Social Media Campaign of the Year – PRCA Dare Awards
  • Best Charity/Not for Profit Campaign – UK Social Media Awards

The short presentation below dives into more detail about the award worthy work we have delivered together with ESET and GRF and a bit about why these (brave and bold) clients are just the type to help achieve such accolades. We are super-proud of both of these campaigns, so do, if you have the time, check them out.

However, awards are not just about winning (although they are), or about being recognised (also great obviously), they have so many other brilliant benefits which have helped us at Flagship.

So, in honour of our four (now five) nominations, here are four reasons why they are brilliant:

1. There is nothing quite as unifying as a joint “hurrah” – especially when we have been working so remotely for so long.

2. And the boost to team morale goes well beyond the first “hurrah” – the halo effect is real and long lasting, and productivity and creativity across all our work improves.

3. Making a difference is what drives us, and by being nominated, we know we have made a difference to our clients, and that feels great.

4. Although it might not seem it, PR is an incredibly polite profession (no YOU go first), so to be able to brag, in unison with our clients, is beautifully cathartic.

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Flagship PR: Five-Time Award Finalists 2020