Research & Insights

Flagship couples the very latest psychographic and behavioural research with the intuitive knowledge which comes from strong emotional intelligence. The result is deep understanding which enables us to produce relevant, finely-targeted campaigns.

How we do it

  • World class tech We have a full suite of cutting-edge tools. Our sophisticated software will pluck and analyse exactly the right data from metrics set by you.
  • Top-flight specialists Our dedicated team of research specialists will establish what makes your audience tick, what your competitors are doing, and how the market is shaping up around you.
  • Audience insights We live in a data-based society, but there’s still a lot to be said for old-fashioned conversation. Through talk and observation we can peel back the layers of your customers’ experience and draw out that all-important human element.
  • Clear, actionable results We’ll distil our insights down into crisp, clear actionable points. We’ll then work with you to develop and test new hypotheses, ultimately enabling you to claim and command your own clear space within your target market.
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