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Inevitably any issue related to public health or wellbeing requires sensitive and delicate handling. Flagship has been at the frontline in tackling public attitudes towards dementia, ageing, death and mental health for many years. We have helped a variety of organisations including charities, care homes, hospices and therapy centres, guiding them in raising funds, protecting their reputations and promoting new healthcare developments.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) puts all healthcare providers under constant scrutiny, while the media, in particular local titles, look out for and cover results of regular inspection reports. When under the spotlight it is very easy to become defensive, feel out of control and become reactive, which is why we encourage our clients to predict, prepare and practise. We media train and guide our clients in communicating balanced responses, putting issues into context and showing how problems are being addressed.

It is important not to let the faults of the few overshadow the great care being delivered by the many. We believe that proactive communications and reputation management are essential in ensuring the public, and other stakeholders, receive the information they need to make decisions about care for their loved ones. Transparency and dialogue are crucial in transforming the perception of care homes, rehabilitation and therapy centres.

To break the cycle, healthcare and wellbeing providers should shout about their successes – there are numerous examples of innovative treatments and care that make a real difference to people’s lives. And there are a multitude of dedicated and committed staff, who go above and beyond the call of duty, that warrant recognition.

Many care providers are also charities that require funding and our work has helped them create innovative campaigns that engage the public and encourage contribution and support. From helping Dementia UK to devise its ‘Time for a Cuppa’ campaign, to promoting RMBI’s Recipes and Reminiscences cookery project, or in championing the issue of ‘life to death’ for St Christopher’s Hospice, Flagship is immensely experienced in putting these issues in the public eye.

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