Flagship has worked with many of the leading consulting firms in the world to help drive their businesses forward with impactful insight and thought leadership work.

Consultants have a unique perspective on the industries in which they operate, but from a wider media and influencer engagement perspective they also have some deep-rooted issues which Flagship helps them address.

Consultants are always treated with suspicion by the media at large, certainly in the UK, where ‘fees spent on consultants’ are synonymous with ‘waste’. It’s a perception that in part stems from the fact that consultants are often supporting clients with sensitive issues that they don’t wish to be debated in public, so communicating about the value they bring is tricky.

For this reason, Flagship’s approach is to focus on thought leadership and executive profiling work which addresses the key issues of the day that are pertinent to your clients and of interest to the media.

By helping articulate these wider industry perspectives, we can position you as an authority and industry commentator. Your people are already experts; it’s our job to make their perspectives resonate with the market.

Our approach is built from our well-worn process; the 3 I’s – Intelligence. Inspiration. Impact. We start by studying your business environment, unearthing the key issues that affect you today, and those that will do so in the coming months.

Then using a variety of techniques, such as short provocative interviews with key personnel inside the business, unique research reports, or pro-active issues commentary planning, we identify and communicate the consultancy’s unique perspective.

Our skilled team of writers and ex-journalists hones these perspectives into eye-catching stories and, once approved, uses our connections with the media and wider influencers to generate impactful coverage, secure speaking and interview opportunities and run broader marketing and lead generation campaigns, ultimately helping your business to meet its overall objectives.

Flagship itself is a consultancy so we know that time is money for you. We have therefore developed a process which optimises the use of your time to deliver the biggest possible impact for your personal and business reputation.

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