Our expertise in the people space spans over two decades. We understand the importance of the workplace and workspace in influencing employee performance, engagement, wellbeing and ultimately business success. We also understand that the world of work is going through significant and rapid change, as new technologies, population shifts and employee expectations influence working practices, both in the UK and around the world.

We are deeply connected with the media and industry influencers in the workplace arena and have our finger on the pulse regarding the trends and hot topics that will spark their interest and make the headlines. Whether you’re looking to target the C-suite, HR professionals, facilities managers, architects and designers, or employees, we know what they’re interested in and where they spend their time.

Using our 3 I’s approach – Intelligence. Inspiration. Impact. – we create and execute hard-hitting campaigns that put our workplace clients front-of-mind amongst their leading media, influencers and, most importantly, their audiences.

We begin by working with you to understand your business objectives – what do you really want to achieve through a communications campaign? We then deploy our intelligence to build a deep understanding of your key audiences, the competitor landscape and which issues and trends you as a brand can own.

This insight is central to sparking the inspiration phase, where we develop clever and creative communications ideas – incorporating both traditional and digital techniques – that are guaranteed to set you apart from the competition. Finally, our promise of impact means that every campaign is executed seamlessly and successfully, delivering the results that will make a real difference to your business.

So whether you’re launching a thought leadership report on workplace trends, wish to host an event to celebrate new product designs, or debut an exhibition in an already saturated market, we know how to cut through the noise and make sure your brand is seen and heard – every time.

Our workplace clients include Steelcase Education, Coalesse, KI, The Senator Group, Orangebox and Avanta. 

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