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When running a destination or hotel business, one of your top priorities is to ensure that potential customers know about you and the experience that you offer. To put it simply, if they don’t know who you are and what makes you different from the other options then they won’t make a booking.

That’s where we come in. PR and communications are a core element of any marketing strategy and at Flagship we have the years of experience to put your hotel or destination on the map.

We know that whatever the PR and communications strategy it must always meet a business need and deliver the impact that is going to make a difference to your bottom line. We don’t develop campaigns just to make some noise. Instead, we always ensure our campaigns make the right kind of noise to drive visitors to book.

With our deep understanding of the sector and the media landscape we can create and execute stand-out campaigns that deliver on your objectives. Using our 3 I’s process (Intelligence. Inspiration. Impact.) we approach all challenges with real-world insight at the core – that means in-depth research on your visitors and target audiences forms the foundation of our campaigns.

For both destinations and hotels, we can help you bring your offering to life and inspire consumers to book a trip or stay. Whether promoting destinations, resorts, wellbeing spas or all-inclusives, we build an engaging story around the experience, highlighting hidden treasures, something new to explore, or simply an added-value offer to incentivise customers.

Whether creating an attractive piece of content, bespoke itineraries based on your visitor profiles, crafting news stories to engage and inspire target audiences, or inviting the media to experience what you offer, we will develop thoughtful, exciting and innovative campaigns that resonate and differentiate your brand.

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