Content Development

Storytelling is at the heart of all communications and content, with the power to differentiate your brand and fuel your marketing. Strategic, creative and well-planned content doesn’t just tell your story and reach your audiences, it also delivers real value by inspiring and educating at the moments that matter, throughout the customer journey.

This is why we work closely with our clients to really understand what is important to their customers, what makes them tick, how they make decisions and what information and advice they need every step of the way, in order to trust and be confident in a brand before buying.

Content Strategy & Planning

We start by undertaking detailed research about your position in the market, evaluating the content themes and messages of your competition and influencers, while also building a deep understanding of your own areas of expertise. This allows us to identify ‘white spaces’ and areas where you can own the conversation and wield influence as a thought leader.

We pair this market intelligence with our understanding of the target customer to find out what type of content your audience likes to consume, where they go for information and advice, who they revere and follow online and what information they require during the buying process.

From here, we present your strategy, focusing on the content that will make a difference to the customer at the right moment, on the right channel and in the right format, with the aim of creating the greatest impact across all your marketing channels.

Your tailored content strategy will include:

Blogging: Your content hub for insights, opinions and company news, that can be shared and promoted amongst your target communities on social media. This is your chance to be a publisher, build a more engaged following online and encourage your audiences to keep coming back for regular insight. The result – more brand advocates, social sharing and search traffic.

Thought Leadership: More substantial content such as surveys, whitepapers and in-depth reports gives you the opportunity to become a genuine influencer in your market and demonstrate unparalleled knowledge and expertise. Through unique and proprietary thought leadership content, you won’t just build trust and authority with your customers, but also create valuable opportunities to promote your brand and spokespeople in the media.

Graphics & Videos: Video and visual formats enable you to meet a broader range of content preferences and needs, while providing easily digestible and sharable information. By developing videos, infographics and images, you can bring your content to life across a wider array of social and content platforms including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, SlideShare, Instagram and Pinterest.

Web Content: Your most valuable asset, the structure and design of your website needs the right information, messages and signposts to take prospects on a journey from engagement through to purchase. User experience is everything and, if done correctly, your website should act as a focal point, bringing new users from publications, search engines and social media – and making sure they stick around.

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