Blogging & Thought Leadership

A well run thought leadership programme establishes your brand and senior leaders as trusted authorities in their areas of expertise.

Flagship has been developing original thinking in multiple sectors for over two decades; enabling our clients to not just drive industry conversations but also directly influence public opinion and ultimately influence purchasing decisions.

To deliver this value we have created a three-step approach to developing thought leadership programmes, which will resonate in your industry and meet the needs and expectations of your target audiences:

Intelligence: We define the communications ‘white-space’ for your business to own. We do this by understanding your business goals and your audiences’ evolving needs; then, by conducting an analysis of your competitors, their messages, and where the industry is heading, we craft a detailed framework for content creation and distribution.

Inspiration: We then develop thought leadership content, including research, reports, articles, infographics and events – that we know will capture the attention of the press, work across social media and subsequently reach your audiences. Our content is always thoughtful, insightful, well researched and fitting with your brand identity but we don’t shy away from bold and creative ideas in order to make you stand out.

Impact: Having already identified the right media, social influencers and channels to best reach our audiences we use a mixture of paid, owned and earned media promotion in order to distribute your thought leadership content to the right people, on the right channel at the right time in order to build influence and reach your customers where it matters.


As part of a thought leadership programme blogging plays a key role in your online content marketing strategy. Flagship creates blogs for clients to post on their website and across their social media channels as part of a broader integrated communications programme.

Frequently publishing articles helps establish you as an influential commentator in your space and builds your authority over time. Posting regularly on topics which resonate with your market demonstrates a depth of knowledge and a breadth of expertise within your sector.

Blogging allows your brand to act like a publisher and posting regular and relevant insights attracts an engaged audience over time that will keep coming back to you as a source of inspiration, insight and education. By nurturing this audience you also build a community of advocates, further developing your reputation as the supplier or seller of choice come decision time.

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