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Marketing isn’t what it used to be. We are bombarded with more adverts, content and brand messages than ever before and cutting through the noise presents a huge challenge. Today’s media moves at a blistering pace and it is no longer enough to simply broadcast about yourself and your product. The real power now lies with the customer and how they decide to research, compare, share and interact with the content available to them.

This has led to an evolution in how we approach content development for our clients, where our evaluation of content strategy asks whether it will add value to the customer above all else? This customer-centric approach ensures that we don’t just create content for the sake of it, but work towards the desired results we clearly set out with clients at the outset.

We call this our intelligence framework, whereby we take an analytical approach towards assessing what is already being said and by whom along with a deeper dive into the brand’s identity and ethos. This enables our team to highlight the white space available and deliver content that reaches customers at the right moment in the decision-making process, on the right channel and in the format they most prefer.

We think strategically and creatively – considering the type of content and messages that best align your brand with the customer, before tailoring it to work across paid, earned and owned media, always ensuring that what we create meets the wants and needs of your target audience.

Whether creating a white paper, infographic or even an animated video, we think differently, taking our time to lay the foundations, develop a clear strategy, and position ourselves, and our clients, for success.

Ultimately, our intelligence based approach to content development means your brand differentiates itself from the same old content mill and, by thinking differently and producing content audiences want to consume, we add value to the entire sales and marketing process.

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