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We help brands reach new audiences, build influence and fulfil their marketing and commercial objectives using the full array of integrated communications strategies.

However, getting visits to your site, new followers, shares on social or greater awareness is pointless unless you are targeting the right people with the right content at the right time. That’s why we always undertake detailed research about your audience and the entire media ecosystem before we start work. This enables us to not just identify content that will resonate but allows us to develop the right content promotion and distribution strategies that will reach your audience in the most profound way.

By mapping the media and influencer landscape for your audiences, as well as the ways in which they consider, share and trust branded information, we can develop the best approach to promote your content beyond its natural reach through a tailored combination of:

Earned media: With over two decades of experience pitching to the media, we have the contacts and the long standing relationships with national and trade press to ensure the stories we develop appeal to journalists, bloggers and influential commentators. Reaching your audiences through respected publishers and earned editorial content can generate a huge amount of trust and authority in your brand, positioning you as market leaders in your sector and in the mind of the customer.

Social Media & Influencer Engagement: Using your own branded channels as the focal point of social media, we promote content by identifying the influencers and tastemakers on these channels who can endorse and share you content with their wider communities. We then use several listening tools and tactics to follow and engage these influencers to build genuine relationships, thereby encouraging greater awareness and shares by those with most social clout.

Paid Media: To supplement the organic reach of your content we also embrace several paid advertising strategies to ensure that a campaign receives the initial awareness and momentum required to gain traction across the media landscape. Whether it’s social media advertising across Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn, native advertising and sponsored content on influential publications, or advertising across the Google network, we have the experience in developing a tailored mix of cross-channel targeting to enhance content campaigns.

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