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Conveying what your organisation does in words is relatively simple. But visualising this in your brand’s look and feel is a different story. How do you ensure that your branding seamlessly portrays your modus operandi, connects with your audiences and stands out amongst a sea of other brands?

Flagship’s approach to brand design and development takes a 360-degree view of your organisation, its values and positioning, before applying our own insight and creativity, to bring your brand to life.

In contrast with other pure branding agencies, we don’t just create a logo, we create an identity. An identity that doesn’t just look good, but also offers an insight into the ethos at the heart of your business because you won’t effectively connect with your target market unless your brand accurately reflects what you offer.

Our creative studio team will delve deep into the stories behind your brand, to build a clear understanding of your narrative (the who, what and why of your business). Starting from the ground up, we embark on a detailed audit of your stakeholders, competitors and target markets, building the brand story to inform your visual identity.

From this foundation, our team can develop logos, templates, business collateral, websites and other materials to showcase your brand to a variety of audiences. These assets sit alongside your clear and concise brand guidelines – your ‘bible’ to ensure all future design work is consistent and true to what you stand for.

But our role doesn’t end there. We know that things change: trends shift, people move, companies evolve, and a brand’s positioning must also move with the times. So, although our work will prepare your brand for the future, our team will also be there to guide any necessary brand changes over time, ensuring your look and feel is always aligned with your business goals.

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