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Our approach to integrated communications puts digital marketing firmly at the core of everything we do. To meet broader marketing objectives, innovative brands must reach their audiences at the right time, on the right channel with the right message, to influence decision making and meet defined commercial goals.

That’s why we don’t blindly broadcast your sales messages across a range of digital channels but first undertake in-depth research to pinpoint who your target audiences are, how they make decisions, where they spend time online and who they revere. We then centre our digital strategy around the user and their needs to affect a desired outcome, be that sales, sign-ups, followers or advocacy.

Combining our digital expertise with a range of PR and offline activities means Flagship can deliver strategic campaigns that enable your brand to be found at critical moments. We achieve this through:

Search & SEO

Being found in Google and other major search engines is one of the most critical ways to capitalise on ‘moments of intent’ when customers are researching a product or solution, or identifying the right product or supplier. Being found in search throughout this decision making process dramatically increases not just traffic to your site but the right type of qualified customer.

Social Media

Social media provides customers with everything from inspiration to education and the ‘social proof’ from peers and influencers that a product, provider, service or solution is the right choice and is another critical opportunity for brand interaction.

Flagship helps clients reach their desired audience through a mixture of social media account management, thought leadership and community building. As a result you benefit from the advocacy of revered influencers and an engaged following who will regularly share their content while giving endorsements to their peer network.

Online Advertising

Beyond organic awareness in search and influence on social media, Flagship also utilises paid promotion through Google Adwords and social media advertising to ensure that your brand is found at the critical moments where there are any gaps in organic coverage.

Google, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other content distribution networks like StumbleUpon and Outbrain enable you to control when and what users see, driving them to your assets online while capturing data for later ad targeting.

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