Digital Audit & Strategy

In an increasingly digital, multi-device world customers are empowered more than ever to research online, leaving brands with a bewildering array of possible touch points which may or may not ultimately affect a customer’s purchasing decision.

However, brands shouldn’t be intimidated or spread themselves too thinly in order to cover every eventuality. Instead you need to think more tactically and invest in influencing the real ‘moments that matter’ to your customers online.

At Flagship we place huge emphasis on intelligence gathering when we first work with our clients to fully understand your position within the digital marketplace. We get under the skin of your customers in order to develop digital strategies which deliver the greatest marketing impact and return on investment.

Digital Audits & Intelligence Gathering

To gain the insights required to develop a fully integrated digital strategy we must first take a comprehensive view of:

Your Audience

Your customer should be the focus of all your marketing efforts with all online activities centred around their needs in order to best influence their decision making and view of your brand. Finding out who your customers are, where they turn to for content, what they like to share and which influencers they revere and follow online will enable us to place the content they need at every step of the journey with minimal wastage.

Your Competitors

By analysing your competitor’s activity online we can deconstruct their strengths, exploit their weaknesses, find opportunities to own the white space and guard against threats. Benchmarking yourself against the competition will enable you to set realistic goals to measure against and inform what can be done in the short, mid and long term to carve out your own space, build influence and ultimately own the digital landscape.

Your Website 

As your greatest online asset your website will act as the focal point for all digital marketing activities. It needs to be technically sounds to perform well in search, have the right content to appeal to your target audiences and provide the right experience when customers come to you so they have a clear path to follow and action to complete whatever that objective may be.

Your Marketing Channels

Finally, before we develop any strategy we need to evaluate how your current marketing channels are performing and where improvements need to be made across search, social media, email, paid advertising and digital media in order to adjust the mix in line with your audience and competitor insight.

Digital Strategy

Armed with this invaluable view of the market we can then begin to formulate a strategy which leverages your existing online assets, ensuring they can act as a sound platform for elevated marketing activity.

We will set out measurable goals and objectives which we can report against and devise the best way to reach and influence your target customer by suggesting the right content mix to satisfy their needs and requirements throughout the purchasing process.

This content development will then be supported through paid, owned, earned and shared media promotion so that the right content finds your target customer at the right time whether that is on Google, Twitter, LinkedIn or through an online publication, influencer or paid ad.


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