Online Advertising

Online advertising can play a critical role as part of an integrated digital strategy, allowing you to reach specific audiences with tailored messages, influence their behaviour and make a real difference to both your marketing and commercial objectives.

Each online advertising platform provides its own unique benefits and can enhance campaigns in a multitude of ways. Before we start any paid activity, we identify what you are trying to achieve and what mix of paid promotion would work best to meet your objectives, be it extended reach, website traffic, sales, followers or general awareness.

Once we have set out clear objectives and goals we work with you to develop the content that will be central to the advertising campaign.

Google Advertising

Google’s Adwords platform enables you to generally promote products, services, retail locations and videos all on an easy-to-use platform. The versatility of Adwords’ keyword, demographic and placement targeting means brands can gain a tangible return on investment while maintaining limits on how much they pay per interaction and conversion.

The Google network provides the greatest reach and potential, but campaigns are usually aimed at direct outcome such as sales and lead generation on the search and display network.

Social Media Advertising

Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn provide great opportunities to engage with your wider audiences and boost your content’s reach as part of an integrated campaign.

Twitter and Facebook can reach both consumer and B2B audiences, enabling you to promote content, events or products. With a variety of demographic, interest and behavioural targeting available, you can be very specific about who you want to reach and the new followers you want to acquire.

Despite being more expensive, LinkedIn provides unrivalled targeting for B2B marketing, allowing you to reach specific industries, companies and job functions, hitting the right decision makers with tailored messages.

Native Advertising

We also help clients promote content in a number of other ways by using content aggregator sites like OutBrain, StumbleUpon and Taboola, which suggest ‘what to read next’ on partner websites. This type of advertising provides good value for larger campaigns that aim to drive lots of web traffic.

We can also help you place more focused advertorial-style sponsored content on industry websites and blogs. By working directly with publications you can secure paid editorial coverage which generally reads like any other article, building trust and authority for your brand.


Once a user comes to your website, either naturally or through an ad, we can monitor their activity and see how far along the conversation funnel they travel. We can then use remarketing tactics across a range of ad platforms to serve tailored follow-up ads to previous web visitors in order to bring them back to the site and closer to conversion.

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