Social Media Management

Social media has become an essential marketing tool, acting as the voice of your brand online while providing an invaluable means to inspire, educate and influence your audiences.

Social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook empower brands to act like publishers, and be seen as trusted thought leaders. By building and successfully managing a community, potential customers will continue to turn to you for insight resulting in advocates who spread your messages while demonstrating the ‘social proof’ that your product, service or solution is the right choice.

Social media is a versatile marketing channel and we can help you leverage the power of social in a number of ways.

Research & Social Strategy

When setting up, managing or supporting our clients with social media we first take the time to find out what objectives and goals you have so we can tailor strategies which have tangible and transparent outcomes.

Before embarking on any social campaign it’s important to first understand your place within the social ecosystem and more importantly who your audiences are, what they like, who they follow and how you can best reach them.

This is foremost in our thinking when we develop social media strategies. If you know what content your audiences like and who they follow then you can reverse engineer strategies to make sure you’re creating the right content, speaking the right language and, most critically, engaging with the right influencers to build your following and be seen as an authority in your industry.

Social Media Management

With a clear strategy in place we either advise and support clients on how to run social media campaigns or act like your in-house team, getting to know your brand, your tone and manage your entire social presence.

Through our intelligence gathering and research tools we are able to help you participate in the right conversations online, get seen and shared by the right influencers and ultimately grow a community by driving the right followers to your brand.

Delivering these social strategies allows you to build an engaged following of potential customers and act as a distribution network for your content and messages, resulting in greater brand advocacy and new customers both on and offline.

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