Measurement & Reporting

Flagship’s credo is the 3 I’s – Intelligence. Inspiration. Impact. – and the impact we make is based on the business metrics that are most important to you; which we define clearly and track over the course of our work with you.

We have developed and continually evolve our own bespoke campaign reporting tool, “Business Outcomes”, which builds on the updated ‘Barcelona Principles 2.0’.

As with the industry guidelines, the measurement of our work is driven by data – without human interference – whereas the qualitative evaluation of that data is an additional, separate layer, which teases out the reasons behind the performance and answers the all-important question: “So What?” This steers future campaign efforts.

Our sophisticated approach to measurement and research typically includes a blend of quantitative and qualitative measures such as brand and media monitoring, and digital and social measurement which we update and share with you on a monthly basis. These reports are presented in boardroom ready format, tied to business metrics that are defined by you.

In addition to reporting the outcomes of our own work, we typically conduct up-front auditing and marketing benchmarking studies. These not only help shape the campaign – providing critical insight into the performance of your brand and marketing properties (such as your website and social channels) versus your competitors online and in the mass media – but also enable you as an in-house professional to have absolute clarity about how your efforts are contributing to the overall value of your business.

These competitor analyses are generally refreshed on a quarterly basis and enable us to refine the programme and quickly respond to changes in market conditions and competitor strategy.

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