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Marketing and communications can be a significant investment, so it’s vital to understand the impact it’s having and areas where your efforts can be improved. That’s why regular in-depth audits are essential, to highlight what’s working and what’s not, and which activities are generating the best return on investment, so you can tweak and improve your strategy going forward.

At Flagship we are committed to continuous improvement – it’s what makes our Audits so effective.  Whether you’re looking to understand more about your Brand & Media or Digital & Social activities, our Marketing Reports provide you with regular updates to help you monitor the success of our collaborative efforts.

The core of the process is understanding what you are looking to achieve through your marketing, in terms of positioning, reach and key messages. We can then benchmark your performance and progress alongside detailed Competitor & Market Research, carried out by us. On this analytical foundation, we work with you to identify your strengths and weaknesses in the market before mapping scenarios for how you can evolve your approach in the future.

We provide weekly, monthly and/or quarterly reports, which summarise our findings. Alongside this, our Business Outcomes tool measures and evaluates the results of your marketing and communications campaigns, using key performance indicators that have been chosen uniquely for – and by – you.

These include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Your business goals
  • Media placement quality (type of publication)
  • Media placement quantity (reach)
  • Tonality – positive, negative or neutral
  • Share of voice
  • Message consistency
  • Audience engagement
  • SEO
  • Web analytics

Our findings help shape your marketing and communications from the word go, enabling a dynamic approach that adapts and shifts with changes in the market. This intelligence helps you stay one step ahead, ensuring your campaign strategy consistently meets both your short and long-term objectives.

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