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At Flagship digital isn’t just a part of what we do, it is built into the core of all marketing-led campaigns we deliver for clients. By leveraging a brand’s website, search and social media presence we enable our clients to not just reach new audiences, but actually influence the decision-making behaviour of customers, meeting their needs and expectations at every step of the journey.

We aim to deliver a real commercial impact in everything we do, and to achieve this we work with you to clearly define your objectives and what real success looks like for your marketing team and the business as a whole.

We understand that marketing budgets are precious and that without complete transparency and defined goals with measurable outcomes you aren’t able to justify, plan or evaluate future investments for growth.

That’s why at Flagship we have invested in a variety of digital and social research, listening and measurement tools, so that we are able to develop strategies which clearly align to agreed goals, with a defined, easy-to-understand reporting structure that keeps you informed every step of the way.

While digital and social media marketing are now critical for brands, they are also relatively new and therefore require an even higher degree of scrutiny in terms of measurement. There are so many potential outcomes involved that can influence a brand’s overall position in the marketplace.

All clients have specific needs and we treat every campaign differently however broadly speaking we measure the following areas, benchmarking against your defined objectives:

Commercial Impact

Above all else we are accountable for delivering a return on investment, demonstrating how digital and social media outcomes contribute to your bottom line. To do this we work directly with your sales teams and where appropriate use your customer relationship management (CRM) systems to track how our digital initiatives lead to sales enablement. We can then map how new users travel through your marketing funnel, becoming qualified leads and ultimately new customers.

Website Reporting

Your website is your most important asset online, acting as your digital shop front, commerce platform and 24-7 sales and customer service representative. Your website also acts as the home of all your content and as it attracts new, targeted users through your online channels it must then provide a clear customer experience, giving users everything they require to choose you. We specialise in this entire customer focused approach online and have experts in Google analytics who can report back on how users are engaging with your site, where they are coming from, what’s turning them off and how we can continually adapt to build greater conversions online.

Search & SEO 

With in-house SEO experts we are able to clearly report back on how technical improvements to your website and the development of search optimised content result in greater traffic to your site. We do this by tracking the changes in your search rankings to see what effect our SEO strategy is having on your overall visibility in Google and we also look at your Google analytics to report back on how new users are finding your site in search. This enables us to directly track how improvements or changes in search rankings lead to greater site engagement and conversions, delivering a tangible ROI.

Social Media Measurement 

Social media acts as your soapbox to the world, allowing you to attract new followers, build relationships with key influencers and ultimately become an authority in your sector. As you build your social media presence and distribute your content to an ever growing and engaged audience we will be able to monitor not just the size and reach of your presence but also the quality and relevance of new followers and ultimately how each channel’s performance translates into commercial outcomes on your website.

Digital PR 

As a critical part of our broader integrated approach, we also ensure that your content and thought leadership don’t just stay within your realm of influence as we also secure media coverage on key online publications and blogs. Our experience of working with journalists and bloggers means that we are able to build greater trust and authority for your brand through respected editorial coverage. We are then able to measure the impact of digital PR not purely in terms of number of views on a publisher’s site but also how this earned coverage generates traffic to your owned digital assets and the positive impact this has on your search rankings and brand affinity.

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