Media & Stakeholder Engagement

Too many brands today are blasting out promotional content in the hope that someone cares, and  the people, the publications and channels, that you want to help shape opinion about your business are drowning in a sea of irrelevant noise.

We know just how vital it is that your story resonates in the right way with your influencers – or it simply won’t work.

Which is why, over the course of 25 years, Flagship has not only established strong working relationships with our clients, but with opinion formers across traditional print and broadcast media as well as  with online influencers, and with key industry and activist groups across the UK.

Flagship’s reputation has been built carefully, our word matters to us, because it benefits you.

It is no coincidence that we have been working with some clients for over 20 years, some magazine editors since they were editorial assistants, and some leading bloggers since well before their audiences mushroomed – indeed we have helped their audiences grow – and we’re always nurturing relationships with the up and coming stars too.  We work hard to be at the front line of traditional and developing media trends, and our deep understanding of their modus operandi, and our ability to manage the right stories at the right time, is what sustains these relationships year in, year out.

We read and listen carefully to the influencers that matter you with media & influencer research, and tell stories that respect their agenda and connect it with your own.

That’s why we go through the process of messaging, which enables us to deeply understand your perspective, which we can crystallise into messages that resonate. We use these to help you with media training – so you can deliver your message face to face concisely – even in times of crisis, or to amplify your presence at an event with brand relevance, or enable us to create thought leadership content in your tone of voice, and place it in the publications that matter for you

So whether that’s traditional media relations with top tier national, broadcast, radio or industry press; connecting with online influencers through social media management and digital PR, or shaping face to face debates with regulators and industry bodies – we can get your story into the hands that shape your audience’s opinion.

We create content that suits the preferences of the people we are talking to, and your audience. It can be news hi-jacking, creating photo opportunities, product placement, product launches, infographic development or embedded videos; sometimes we might even write a press release…

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