The most effective communicators are clear, concise and considered. Our messaging service puts your communication under the spotlight, helping you to think through how you articulate your proposition and convey your messages, using the words and tone of voice that fit best with your brand or campaign.

Our process begins with a messaging audit to assess your existing positioning and communications. We then facilitate a workshop with your key stakeholders that honestly and openly (sometimes warts and all) explores your brand attributes, unique selling points, brand promises and personality. We champion jargon-free, plain English in order to best convey your messages to your target audiences.

Following the workshop, we then assess and distil the content, words and descriptors into succinct and media-friendly messages that are presented in a ‘hymn sheet’ to guide all those involved in speaking to the press and public.

The benefits are manifest: consistent and clear communications across your organisation, agreed points of differentiation, overall positioning and concise, digestible and media friendly messages. The end result, the messaging ‘hymn sheet’, whilst definitely practical, ultimately acts as a benchmark for both internal and external communications.

Our proprietary process has been honed over the years and is part and parcel of our client work regardless of sector. It is also available as a stand-alone service to those seeking clarity and focus in their communications.

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