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Have you ever noticed how all the best conversations are with people who ask great questions?

As we work with you to engage in meaningful dialogue with your target customers, we start by gathering the essential Intelligence about your audience that enables us to have those inspirational ideas that will make an impact.

Of course we study market data, and have a suite of world class tools for Brand and Media Monitoring, Digital and Social Measurement, and Audits and Marketing Reports – with a dedicated team of research specialists to help us understand what makes your audience tick, where and how your competitors are performing and the wider market context. But the data on its own is not enough to reveal the types of insight that inspire stand-out campaigns.

Genuine conversations held by specialists trained in the art of listening can peel back the layers of the onion to reveal people’s concerns in ways that market data can confirm or refute – but never reveal. This is part of our Audience Insight toolkit, which we use to assess how well your messages connect with your audiences, and what they really need to hear from you. It’s something we have done for Professional Services firms, Financial Services firms, and in the Travel and Lifestyle industry.

That’s why our day to day account teams speak with the people you need to engage and persuade, whether that’s FDs of top 100 firms, carers of elderly people in care homes, or millennials taking their first steps on the career ladder – and just about anything in between.

Once complete, we distil our findings into key insights to be presented to you, then work with you to develop and test new hypotheses – ultimately carving out a clear white-space for your brand to own across whichever mix of platforms is right for you and your audience.

And the feeling in the meeting room when the light bulb goes on behind everyone’s eyes – and we know we have the Inspirational thought that’s going to make an Impact.

That’s where the fun really starts…

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