Audience Insight

Audience Insight is an account planning tool developed for brands that are struggling to resonate with the needs of new and evolving audiences.

Radical changes in attitudes, working practices and buying behaviour have rendered many long-cherished marketing practices ineffective. But without really getting under the skin of the audience and watching how they operate, it’s impossible to perceive the gap between the message you intend to communicate, and the messages they receive.

Using Audience Insight, we have helped a major car brand connect with millennials, creating digital assets that shortcut the buying process and sell more vehicles, and enabled a major global professional services firm to transform the way it interacts with its customers.

What is Audience Insight?

All communications are focused on a particular community, whether it’s the public, business leaders, industry specialists or a particular sub-set within those. That’s why, when creating campaigns for our clients, we develop a rich understanding of their target audiences – who they are, their likes and dislikes, challenges and successes, habits and bugbears. This insight informs everything we do and is the backbone of the value we deliver.

As part of this work, we have honed a multi-stage process which compares the brand values that a company is trying to communicate with how that brand is actually perceived by the audience. For example, would you know if your well-researched and insightful market report was too long for busy financial directors to read? Could you confirm that the community spirit you advertise nationally is upheld by your local sales representatives?

How does it work?

Our team of experienced marketing professionals spends time with you to understand your challenge and then, using people from our team who broadly fit the demography of your target market, we sit alongside your customers and prospects to evaluate the impact of your brand at key touch points, revealing gaps that need to be addressed in message, medium and even organisational design.

Audience Insight is built into the fabric of how we work, and how we build successful programmes and campaigns time after time. It is by really understanding what makes an audience tick that we can uncover critical insights to drive ideas and deliver real value for your investment in communications.

So if you’re looking to target new audiences, launch a new product, or want to be sure that your messaging is reaching open ears and minds, Flagship’s in-depth Audience Insight is the perfect service. We have conducted programmes for banks, insurance companies, schools, automotive companies and travel brands, and we can do the same for you.

Our processes include:

Audience Audits – in-depth, documented interviews with your target market based around a series of questions developed in tandem with you.

Audience Experience – a more involved look at your brand from your audience’s perspective, including secret shopping, website analysis, path-to-purchase analysis and more.

Social Audit – a deep dive into the efficacy of your social channels and the key influencers you should be tapping into

SEO and Digital Audit – an in-depth analysis of your website’s performance from an audience point of view.

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