Competitor & Market Research

Intelligence. Inspiration. Impact.

It’s no accident that Intelligence is the first word in our credo. It’s not just raw brain power we care about – it’s market intelligence and emotional intelligence as well as an unashamedly cerebral approach to assessing your marketplace, your audience and your competition.

We start by working with you to identify the key players in your market – from giants to emerging players. We review their paid, owned, shared and earned communications; identifying subtle differences in their strategy and positioning.

This picture is then mapped onto an understanding of the shifting political, environmental, social, technological, economic and legal issues (PESTEL) that face your business and wider industry.

By studying these insights, we are able to create a series of simple pictures that show how your message can challenge the competition; changing the conversation so it focuses on the strengths of your brand; identifying where you can establish unassailable perspectives that will inspire your audience.

We develop a series of hypotheses which we test with you, and our longstanding friends in each of our key industries. Is this a concept your prospects are interested in? Is this an area of interest that fits your business? Will the media write about it? Can it work in social media, and if so – on which platforms?

Often this work will exist alongside reputation and brand monitoring research, and audience insight programmes – to properly assess whether our ideas will resonate.

It may sound heavy handed, but an extra day spent in planning and research can save a year and a fortune in wasted execution effort.

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