Media & Influencer Research

Media and influencer relations are at the heart of what we do. Even when delivering integrated campaigns to drive leads, or raising your profile on digital and social media, we know that harnessing the voice of key influencers in the marketplace can make the crucial difference.

As part of our Intelligence process, Flagship deploys a sophisticated set of media and social media monitoring tools, and uses a blend of dedicated research and sector specific account specialists to understand the media and influencer landscape that your business operates in.

We map out in high resolution which of your competitors are doing well, what messages they are succeeding with, and which influencers are most powerfully shaping their profile and the debate with stakeholders and customers.

It’s far more than sentiment analysis, engagement analysis and coverage volume; we use our nuanced understanding of the sectors in which we operate to see which messages are resonating, and where the ‘white space’ lies. We often overlay these findings with the insight we get from our Audience Insight, so that the media message connects with the issues that are driving client concerns.

We use this insight to feed strategy development, building campaign plans and influencer engagement activities that are uniquely tailored to your brand, and enabling you to inhabit an unassailable position in the mind of the market.

But the value of the research does not stop there. We understand that building relationships with stakeholders begins with thorough research into their perspectives, their interests and their obsessions. This enables us to counsel you on how to see the world through their eyes, and make your story resonate.

Whether that’s through insightful, well-researched thought leadership work, or a big launch event that hits just the right tone, Flagship mines insight to find key hooks that will entice the right people to engage with you and, ultimately, advocate on your behalf.

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